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a blog by coticheque

On free speech

Guys, we’ve made it! We’ve been censored by Amazon. Apparently, this blog is now considered too controversial to be linked on one’s Amazon profile by violating ‘Amazon’s Community Guidelines’.

Well, perhaps writing 2,000 words on a philosopher affiliated with the Nazi party has adverse consequences. Or, perhaps Amazon’s AI is trained to consider content of a blog featuring words like ‘Ur-Fascism’ (the one performing best in search engine results, according to Google Analytics), or ‘conspiracies’ – as a hate speech and fake news, respectively. If the public requires exclusion of such innocent things from the public discourse in order to establish a safe environment for everyone, then we can only conclude how weak, fragile and easy-to-offend such public has become.

And, is this really the picture of a society we want to live in, and the future of the Western civilization we want to envisage?

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